About Us

Onyx Asset Management is a full-service real estate asset management platform operating throughout Poland.

The core of the Onyx Team has worked together for over 20 years on a variety of investment projects, ranging from corporate turnarounds, acquisitions and sales, to real estate development and property portfolio management. During the last 12 years, we developed significant experience in real estate covering the retail, office and residential sectors. The key members of the team have been working with Elliott Associates, a US investment fund, on numerous real estate and corporate projects since the 1990’s.

Our investment management experience is diverse. We

  • manage a property portfolio of over 200 000m2 of office and commercial space of Octava Property Trust;
  • repositioned, recommercialised and restructured a portfolio of 230 000 m2 of office and retail space, with the capex/fitout budget of ca. €50m;
  • developed over 120 000 m2 of retail and residential space;
  • completed investment and sale transactions with an equity value of over €500m;
  • closed debt financing/refinancing transactions totaling over €400m;